Potato Kingdom flag made by me

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This is a page dedicated to my best friend, Potato. He's also my sorta-kinda-moirail and platonic husband.

We committed tax fraud together on Dank Memer by marrying a few times to get a shit ton of Wedding Gifts. He likes astrology and simps for carrots. He's a gemini like me, which is so lucky for him cause he gets to live another day.

This is all you need to know, cause I will NOT be doxxing him. What I will do however is release his kinlist - for your and mine entertainment, but most likely to his dismay.


{ a kin list will be here }

Did I assign some of these to him myself? Yes. Am I correct tho? Also yes. Will I tell you which ones were assigned by me? Hell no but you can take an educated guess.

Potato, if you're reading this - you can pry this section from my cold dead hands.


me rn:

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