Dank Memer Guide
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Welcome to skblyt's Dank Memer Guide!

> What is Dank Memer?

Dank Memer is a discord bot, which lets you collect items, take care of virtual pets, rob your friends, play games, gamble your (fictional!) money away, farm veggies, and much more!

> Why even make this guide in the first place?

Back when I first started using Dank Memer, I wasn't aware of the official wiki. So, in order to help my friends and myself keep track of where we can get specific items, I started this humble guide in the pinned messages of our #dank-memer channel.

The list grew with time, and frankly it became much more convenient to have it all in one easily-accessible place and not have to scour the wiki each time we really wanted to find something.

After I made my own site (and started playing Dank Memer again :v), I thought "why keep the guide locked in my small server, when I can share it with more people?". So that's what this is.

> What this guide IS & what it IS NOT

This guide is, first and foremost, meant to compile a list of all the items and places where you can find them, sorted by item category. It will also contain some other minor things.

This guide is NOT meant to be a comprehensive guide on Dank Memer as a whole, nor is it meant to expand on any of the commands you might see mentioned here.

For a more thorough guide, visit the Dank Memer Wiki.

If you need help with something specific, the Dank Memer Subreddit is also a decent place to go.

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