About Me

Sup bitches!

My name is Alex and I'm a nonbinary alien cat thing artist in their early 20s!

My current first name actually came from my birth middle name, which leaves me with no middle name for the time-being. I'm open to suggestions though!

My interests

My main fandoms at the moment are Homestuck, RWBY, and Sonic of all things. I've had trouble getting into new things recently, since Homestuck completely rewired my brain and fucked up my media literacy.

In my free time I mostly draw, work on my comic, do fuck all, and now also code this site!

My other interests include, but are not limited to, outer space, vexillology, making playlists, vulture culture, and pseudo-psychology. I also occasionally dabble in creating music but I am NOT VERY GOOD AT IT.

Cool & Cursed Facts About Me

  • I'm in a band called My Super Laser Piss and so far we have made exactly zero songs. Good job, guys.
  • When I was 10 I fell down some stairs onto a big pile of trash and got my armpit cut open. You heard me right, my fucking ARMPIT. The trash pile saved my life though.
  • I may have a slight case of the Cotard's syndrome - not sure whether being self-aware about it cancels it out or not.
  • My dreams are of big importance to the narrative. Unfortunately, I always forget the most crucial parts once awake. Oops.
  • The probability of me being a demon haunting the internet is low but never zero.
  • I love sour candy.